Do sunglasses lose uv protection over time?

Can sunglasses lose uv pprotection over time?
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  • Allison walker

    I never heard that sunglasses will lose UV protection over the time. People buy new sunglasses usually because of fashion and tired of wearing old sunglasses. Still some people buy new sunglasses because their old sunglasses broken. But i never met people buy sunglasses because their old sunglasses lose protection. So, you really needn't worry about the questions.
  • Elijah leslie

    Such a weird question.But I can assure u that this will never happen.U should know that sunglasses lenses r often CR39 plastics and which has already been soaked into ur lenses before u use them.And that is why some people even sometimes wear sunglasses when swiimming.In terms of this,I will not suggest u to do this.This is quite not safe.

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