Do ray ban sunglasses come in different sizes?

Are all them Ray Ban sunglasses made in the same sizes? Or Are they made in different sizes to fit for people?
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  • cowboyfrom666

    I checked my ray ban sunglasses and there is no sign of frame size. But i still believe that they come in different sizes to fit for different people. You shall know that there are so many people in the world wear Ray Ban sunglasses. And people with different age, gender, race, and appearance are wearing the sunglasses. So, I guess Ray Ban sunglasses are made in different sizes.
  • cun_yin

    I am not sure if Ray Ban sunglasses come in different sizes. But i know that sunglasses have sizes like your clothes, or shoes. Ray Ban sunglasses made in different shape, style and sizes to fit for different people with different head sizes and preference. If you want to buy a pair of properly Ray Ban sunglasses, you shall consult their sellers for some recommendation.

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