Do pupils dilate when you have a migraine?

I once heard that people' s pupils would dilate when having a migraine, is that normal? Are there home remedies for this?
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  • carter

    It is normal that people's pupils would dilate when they have the migraine because of the interlinked nerves between eyes and brain. There are some home remedies for this. They could use eye drops with anti-inflammation to clear the eyes. They could also use the warm compress to make the eyes feel comfortable.
  • Debbie Morton

    Yes. Dilated pupils can result from drugs, medications, poisons and migraine headache. To some extent, dilated pupils may be a serious symptom of migraine and that should be immediately treated. Home remedies depend on how they occur. Above all, if you want to remedy your dilated pupils, you should treat your migraine firstly. In addition, a cold compress is good for dilated eyes. Take a clean soft cotton cloth, and soak it into cold water. Then leave the cloth on your eyes for 5 minutes. I think it will have a good effect.
  • hands_down360

    Do not worry about that. It is such a normal thing that people's pupils will dilate when they are having a migraine. And it will not affect your eyes and cause you vision problems. So you can try to ease yourself down. Actually, it is a normal physiological phenomenon. However, it is always such a sufering when someone is having a migraine. Fortunately, there are home remedies for this and there are many things we can do at home to relieve our pain from that. Firstly, you can try to press your temples with your fingers, but remember to do it gently. By doing this, you can relieve your migraine. And when you are doing this, close your eyes. After a while of pressing, you will feel better. Secondly, you can put your thumbs on your temples, and mildly press the inside corners of your eyes with your ring fingers. You should also close your eyes while you are doing this.

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