Do Prada sunglasses have serial numbers?

I just wonder if Prada sunglasses have serial numbers? Can i use it to identify if they are good real Prada sunglasses? How?
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Answers (2)

  • Jerry

    Yes, you can find serial numbers on Prada sunglasses. As one one of the most luxurious fashion products,they have introduced serial numbers to help customers identify real products from the fakes. If you want to buy Prada sunglasses, you can search the Prada sunglasses at their official websites through serial numbers. Then, you can find more information about the sunglasses to help you tell real or fake Prada sunglasses.
  • covenmasters

    Yes, the Prada sunglasses have the serial No. In fact, apart from Prada, there are many products that have unique serial numbers. The serial number can help you find sunglasses easily from a large group of sunglasses. Besides, the serial number can help you tell real /fake Prada sunglasses. So, Check their Serial numbers when you buy Prada sunglasses.

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