Do polarized sunglasses block blue light?

Can polarized sunglasses help me to block blue light?
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  • cupidityx

    Exposure your eyes in the too much blue light is bad for the eyes. And polarized sunglasses are considered as the best sunglasses to shield the eyes from UV rays, intensive light as well as glares. polarized sunglasses are not almighty products. And not all polarized sunglasses work perfectly to prevent blue light. But as far as i know, SunRx polarized melanin lenses which come in brown tints can work perfectly to prevent blue light. Hope this can help you.
  • Falcon

    Yes,it is true.As u may know.Normal sunglasses can only block some normal rays but they don't work too much when blue light comes.However,polarized sunglasses can effectively block blue light.First of all,u need to now that blue light is really very harmful to no matter ur eyes or ur skin and that is why we r always told to wear sunglasses when we go out.

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