Do I have to wear my glasses forever?

I got poor vision. My eyes doctor said it is myopia. And then he give me a prescription glasses for vision aids. I worried about it. Is it means that i have to wear my glasses forever?
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Answers (2)

  • Myra Taylor

    It it likely to be. As your said that you got myopia, you have to wear glasses for vision aids unless you cure your myopia. And in reality life, it is really difficult to cure myopia naturally unless you take an lasik surgery. Also, you can get rid of eyeglasses by wearing contact lenses for vision aids. But do far, eyeglasses is the best quick and safe way to improve vision for people with vision aids.
  • Rickey Stumphf

    Well,I am afraid of so if u don't get an eye surgery.Although I don't have myopia,I can still imagine how worse ur situation is.If u do have myopia,u need glasses that bad cuz only by wearing glasses can u see things more clearly and get a better vision.To be frank,u have no differences with a blind guy without wearing glasses.Of course I know it sucks to wear glasses forever,but u know what?U can get rid of all the trouble by getting a kind of eye surgery.

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