Dylan fergus

Do geek glasses frames look good on square face?

I am not sure if geek glasses frames look good on square face,what do u guys think of this?
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  • castro_jan

    Geek glasses are also known as nerdy eyeglasses. In fact, geek eyeglasses are not just one type of eyeglasses. Geek eyeglasses are varied in different shape such as rectangular, square, or round etc. So, some geek eyeglasses frame can match square face. What you shall do is pick up the suitable pair to your face. Personally, you can rectangular shaped geek eyeglasses or round shaped geek eyeglasses to match you.
  • come__tomorrow

    I know geek glasses,very stylish and fashionable now.I would love to get a pair but I am not nearsighted.Besides,I have very good eyesight.No matter how stylish those glasses r,u should consider if they can suit ur face shape.I personally think that geek glasses can suit a lot of face shapes and that also includes square face.Anyway,u will only know this when u have a try.

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