Do eye exams detect diabetes?

Can an eye exam detect diabetes? How can it do that?
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  • Jonathan griffin

    Yeah, it can. An exam can detect your diabetes by testing the blood vessels around your eyes. We can tell if we have diabetes by observing the rise or the fall of our vessels. However, it is for sure that the most effective way to test a person if he has diabetes is to test his blood sugar. Diabetes is not a good thing, guy. And you had better kill it when it is not that serious. Try doing exercise every day and keep on a healthy diet.
  • Allison walker

    Yes, take eye exam regular is good way to keep health. And eye doctor can detect the problem in the early time. Since diabetes are harmful for the eyes. It can cause damages to the small blood vessels in your retina. So, eye doctor can catch the problems if you take eye exam. And it is very necessary to insist eye exam. Because diabetes not cause obvious symptoms at the early time. If you feel discomfort, diabetes is become serious. So, take regularly eye exam is important.

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