Do daily contacts work better than monthly?

I want to wear contacts from now on, because I am really sick of wearing glasses now, so can any one told me that which ones are better, daily contacts or monthly contacts?
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  • Cassidy campbell

    Well, I can see that you are desired to get rid of those frame glasses, for they might affect your looks. And indeed, daily contact lenses are much better than monthly ones for they would be healthier and cleaner, which make you less vulnerable to infections or eye problems. But I should remind you that contact lenses, are harmful to your eye health in the long run, so you should strike a balance and protect your eyes before problems arise.
  • walkyr

    I have the same reason as yours when I firstly started to wear contacts. I am also so sick of wearing glasses, especially because I am a girl and some times I got indentation every time after I took of my glasses. As for me, I went with the monthly contacts for the very first time. Because my eye doctor told me to do so. For people who have never worn a pair of contacts before, monthly contacts are good choices. Because your eyes need time to get used to the new foreign bodies, and one month is long enough for your eyes to get used to them. However, if you choose the daily contacts for the first time, your eyes may get used to the pair you are wearing today, but they have to take time to get used to another pair you will wear next day. Therefore, your eyes are always in the period of getting used to the new pairs.
  • crazyfirekiller

    I suggest you to wear daily if it is convenient for you. We all know that monthly contacts are not as good as daily contacts. But of course you can also monthly. After all, monthly contacts are much more economic to you. And you just need to take off them every day and clean them with contact solution. In a word, as long as you pay attention to the care of your contacts, you can choose monthly contacts.

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