Do contacts expired if unopened?

I have bought my contacts last year but I have never opened them, I am just wondering if they will expire in the condition that I have never opened them? Actually, I want to wear them recently.
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  • Jaime

    Well, I think so. Everything has an expired date. In my view, expired contacts are more dangerous than normal glasses coz they touch your eyes directly. You know, glasses are recyclable but contacts are not. Usually, people store contacts in certain solution that can help keep lenses in a good condition, however, after some time, the liquid finally evaporates and leaves the salt in the end. The process can clearly indicates that your lenses are expired. So if you find your contacts are expired, no matter how new they still look or even still unopened, you have to give them away. I wish this could help you.
  • gary

    That is for sure. You should know why there is always a date on the packaging of your contacts. You know, your contacts are stored in salt solution because of its special material. However, if you wear them, your eyes may be hurt if unlucky. Don' t take them as new babies, you should discard them without hesitation. I know that expired lenses will have some chemical changes and they can cause a lot of eye problems, so you had better do the right thing.
  • Tyler george

    Yes, contacts have expiration dates just like drugs and foods. The expiration date is usually listed on the label. According to the FDA, most contacts must have a one-year expiration date. And every state has different laws about this. The expiration date on a product is formulated by many different manufacturers. So the safety and efficacy cannot be guaranteed after the expiration date. In my opinion, you should have a new pair of contacts. But if you want to wear them, you should call your ophthalmologist get some advice.
  • Brandon

    Normally, when we are planning to buy contact lenses, we have to decide the type of the contact lenses which is the lifespan of them. And that means how long we can use them from the day we start using them. And when the dates arrives, we should throw them away. And actually, that period begins from the day when we open the pack of the contact lenses. After you undo the pack, you have to throw your contact lenses away no matter you use them or not when its day comes. However, every commodity has its period of validity. If you have not opened your contact lenses, which means it is in its original pack, and it is still in its validity, then you can still use them. Hope that will help a little.
  • emptyheading

    Well, it seemed that you are really interested in that question. So it is easy , because as you can see, whether they are still good to use depends on two factors, the first one is the length of usage written on the product information, typically, they are ok within 6 months, but if unopened, they could remain good for over 2 years or so, just be more careful and you'll see the exact date of expire.

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