Do computer glasses really reduce eye strain?

I got terrible dry eyes and eye strain after work with computer a whole day. And my colleagues recommend me wear computer glasses. She said that it can help my eyes. Really? Does it really work? how can it reduce my eye strain?
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  • enycelilmamii

    Hi, personally, i don't think they work too much on you. But i can't deny that computer can help prevent reflective light from computer screen that good for the eyes. If you have poor vision, you can also buy prescription computer glasses for seeing better, by the way for eye protection. But if you don't take regularly break and take good care of your eyes, it is still not help too much for dry eyes and eye strain. So, the best way to reduce eye strain and dry eyes is drinking more water and take a regularly break (usually every one hour)
  • claudiagonza82

    Of course that computer glasses can help reduce our eye strain. Computer glasses are designed for those people who are working in front of a computer for a long time and those who often use computers for fun. We know that the distance between a person's eyes and the screen of a computer is usually fixed. But our normal eyeglasses are designed to adapt to a wider range of using. Computer glasses will make us feel more comfortable in this aspect. And computer glasses can block the reflections of computer screens and glares. This will further protect our eyes.

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