Do aviator glasses suit round faces?

I love aviator glasses at the first sight. But I really don' t know whether they will suit my round faces. I need some guidances here.
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  • coldshadow05

    whether they will suit my round faces. I need some guidances here. Yes, there are many types of aviator glasses. Actually you can find the one you want in so many aviator glasses. You can choose a larger and slightly wider frame to suit your round face. Furthermore, choose a glasses that wider than they are deep and it will help lengthen the face. In fact, the aviator glasses suit almost face shape.
  • Jada shelley

    It is universally true that everyone has his favorite flavors of ice cream. But it is not always suit with the favorite ones. It's the same thing with glasses. But round faces can go with aviator glasses as long as the glasses are not so square. Because there is a rule that square glasses make round faces rounder. Tom Hanks is a perfect example with aviator glasses.
  • handsome____boy

    So, you are very interested in aviator sunglasses right? Personally speaking, they are of great use to us, which could both improve our looks and protect our eyes from getting burned outdoors. As to round faces, I think they are quite compatible with aviator sunglasses, you could see many actors in movies who have round faces and wear them. Just try to figure out what type is good for you. Also, make sure your hairstyle and your clothes are suitable with them.

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