Can you wear waterproof mascara with contacts?

Will it be okay if I wear waterproof mascara with contacts? I wish it would be fine.
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Answers (2)

  • Ana

    First of all, you need to know that your waterproof mascara can get into your eyes quite easily when you are applying it. Since our eyes are very sensitive to those irritants so that you may need to be very very careful when you do that. It is known to all that waterproof mascara can dry very fast and once they get dry, they will become hard so that they may damage your contacts. However, I am not saying that you can' t apply them when wearing contacts. I just suggest you to not to do this kind of thing too often.
  • Savannah percy

    Yes. It is okay to wear waterproof mascara with contact lenses. In fact, the mascara have no connection with contact lenses. To be good for your eyes, you shall wear contact lenses first, then wear mascara. Just be careful and don't let mascara into your eyes. And before you go to bed, you shall first take off the contact lenses, then, you can wash out the mascara. It will be Ok.

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