Can you wear two pairs of contacts at once?

This morning a crazy idea occured to me, what if I wear two pairs of contacts at once? Has anyone ever tried that?
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  • John C.

    I suppose you had better not do that. As you know, it is already not very good to wear contacts, let alone two pairs at once. For your eye's sake, please do not do that. As you may know, your eyes will get dry quite easily when you are wearing contacts, and wearing two pairs will get your eyes dehydrated more quickly. I really don't think it is a good idea to do that. Anyway, it totally depends on you.
  • greg t

    I have tried that before, but nothing happened. I am nearsighted and often wear contact lenses. Once I worn a pair of contact lenses and felt little uncomfortable with my left eye, so I rubbed it with my finger. After rubbed, I found my left eye became blurred and I thought my left contact lens come out of my eye, therefore, I worn a spare contact lens in my left eye and spent an entire day. Then, I removed my contact lenses in the evening, oh my god! There were two contact lenses in my left eye! In fact, I had no special feeling with two contact lenses in my left eye except a little dry.
  • walkingwolf2004

    Ok, looks like you are very curious about that. But as far as I know, such idea is never plausible, for two pairs of contact lenses may damage your eyes and hurt them. God knows what is gonna happen if you cannot handle them greatly. Just try to make good use of your eyes. By the way, you can wear sunglasses and contacts at the same time.
  • Larry S

    No, don't do that. It hurts your eyes a lot. First of all, prescription contact lenses are already blocking the oxygen from the cornea. What will happen if there are two layers? No oxygen at all! This is really dangerous to your eyes. Also, the out pair lenses won't be able to fit in and will move around your eyes. As a result, your cornea will be scratched. last but not the least, you will feel very uncomfortable, when you wear two pairs of contact lenses.

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