Erin rupert

Can you wear false eyelashes with glasses?

I am wondering if I can wear false eyelashes with glasses.Will that hurt my eyes?
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Answers (2)

  • Alexa murphy

    Of course you can.But you can't wear too long eye lashes or they may cover your vision.You should know that too long eye lashes may rub your lenses when wearing glasses.Nowadays the false eyelashes are usually very hard,so they may poke your lenses once in a while,which is absolutely bad for your glasses.Actually I have a better solution for you.I know that you will look beautiful with your eye lashes,so you can wear your eyelashes with your contacts.If you wear your glasses,the lenses will probably cover your false eyelashes,have you ever thought about this?Hope this helped.
  • christraper

    It depends.If your false eyelashes are long and straight,you had better not wear glasses any more.Because the rub of the two may make your false eyelashes drop.Or your lenses may be damaged by your hard eyelashes.You can choose contacts as an alternative.Don't you think that your eyes will look more beautiful with the long eye lashes being showed out?However,if you insist wearing glasses with your false eyelashes,I suggest you to curl your eyelashes,then they are not able to touch your lenses,what do you think?It is very simple.

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