Can you wear contacts when your eyes are dilated?

I want to know if I can wear my contacts when my eyes are dilated. Why or why not?
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Answers (2)

  • Luke

    First you have to know one thing, the doctor use dilation eye drops in order to see more clearly the back of your eyes. The whole process may be several hours. Actually it will be ok if you wear your contacts right now, but I don' t think you can have a clear vision that soon. You had better wear them when your vision recovers. Oh,you should consult your doctor first, she/he may know what exactly you should do.
  • Thomas

    You had better wait for at least 10 min. Because you should make sure that the your contacts will not be hurt by the solution itself. But according to I, the process usually takes about one hour and then everything will be back to normal. If you wear your contacts right now, your contacts may absorb the solution. This damage will hurt your eyes directly. I don' t think you want this happen.

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