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Can you watch tv after cataract surgery?

My son just had his cataract surgery the day before yesterday and now he is begging me to allow him to watch tv. Can I do that? I am not sure.
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  • chokeyourthroat

    You had better not do that. As you know, any surgery in relation with eyes could not be ignored. After this kind of surgery, you need to have enough rest and do not rub your eyes casually. Take care of your eyes and prevent dust and dirty things from getting into your eyes. Further more, you are even not allowed to do some outdoor exercise coz some movements will make your eyes hurt. Trust me, you really need to take care of your eyes well.
  • aaron

    Well, I do not think it is good for you if you watch tv after your cataract surgery. You have to know the common sense about this kind of surgery. After this surgery, you can not drive and even do some exercise. And you should also be careful of the bright light and the glare, which can make your eyes too sensitive. I mean, you should do everything very carefully and try not to bump on anything. And at least within one week, there are something you are not allowed to do such as computer work, watching tv and showering. Anyway, I wish you could recover soon.
  • Janice

    Yes. For the first few days, his vision may be blurred, so be careful to avoid overuse of his eyes. So it is usually normal to resume light activities like reading, writing and watching TV. You can reduce their screen time seriously. He must take a break from screen every half an hour. If you don't want to let him watch TV, you might need to think about active hobbies for your kid.
  • classynottrashy

    Usually, it takes several hours for the patient to recover from cataract surgery. Within a few hours after surgery, a patient whose outcome is good and vision gets sharper can better eyesight. However, the complete recovery often takes more than a month, because bruise, bloodshot eyes, sensitivity to light and dryness still need time. During this month, it is very likely that his eyes get tired, so you should be aware of this. Therefore, You can allow him to watch TV, but just for a while.
  • eeniemeenie005

    Well, it seems that you are cared about your mom's health. And as a matter of fact, it is true the patient should not watch TV or surf the Internet right after the cataract surgery, because after the surgery, their eyes are not fully recovered and potential problems exist, it would be ok for them to stay away from those things before things get right. Just follow the doctor's instructions and be careful.

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