Can you take a short nap with contacts in?

I wear contacts every day. But in the office, can I take a nap with contacts in? Will it be harmful to my eyes if I do this?
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  • miguel gaytan

    Well, it depends on how long you will sleep with your contacts in. In fact, it will be ok if you just sleep for less than 20 min. You have to know that when you wear your contacts, your eyes will be easily dehydrated. However, when you are sleeping, you should try not to squeeze your eyes otherwise your lenses may move to other places in your eyes. Then you may need a doctor to help you get them out. Anyway, you had better not take a nap with your contacts, how hard can it be for you to take them off when you sleep? For your eyes' sake, don' t do that.
  • Alexia charles

    This is a good question. Whether or not you can sleep in your lenses is generally determined by the material they are made of. Some contact lens materials are OK for nap wear, others not. The FDA says whether a certain brand of lenses is approved for sleep wear or not. Consequently they have no indication of whether you can nap in the lens or not. So I suggest that don't take a short nap with contacts in.
  • cute_but_catty

    Ok, looks like you are going to get some nap during business for we might get tired in the afternoon. Anyway, it is true that short nap with contact lenses is ok, but you should not wear them when you sleep. There are some good contact lenses that would make you free from the worry on the market. Just try to get a pair from the optical store. Hope you find this useful.
  • Jonathan griffin

    Although it is quite easy and it will not take us a minute to take off and put on our contacts, we still think it bothers and we do not want to remove our contacts while we are taking a nap. We may only have nap for about ten minutes, but if we firstly take off our contacts off, then we may also be sleepless because of that. Then we have to put them on even we have not taken a nap at all, because nap time is up and we have to get back to our work. So I am here to tell you that it is ok if you are taking a nap with your contatcs in your eyes. It will not do much bad to your eyes for a few times, and you have to make sure you nap time is not long. However, if you often wear contacts while you are taking a nap, because you can get dry eyes due to that and it is also very bad to your contacts, because your caontacts will dry up easily after that.

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