Can you sell your old prescription glasses?

I am a prescription glasses collector. Now, i have many really nice glasses that i can’t wear. Can i sell those old prescription glasses to others? Will you do that? Is there anyway that i can get money from them?
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Answers (2)

  • Ern

    I think it is a little difficult, because if people buy your glasses, they have to have the same prescription with you. What's more, why should people buy your old prescription glasses? Because they can buy new ones at optical stores or on websites at a low price. So you'd better donate them, maybe this can make you feel more meaningful.
  • Cathy Dailey

    People love new stuffs, and they always follow the fashion trend, also nowadays glasses are really cheap, so no one will spend their money to buy old glasses which are out of fashion. In my opinion, you can donate your glasses to some clubs. This may help someone who has the same prescription with you but they don't have enough money to buy them.

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