Can you return eyeglasses to amazon?

I bought eyeglasses from amazon.com. They are nice online. But it looks weird on me. I want to return the eyeglasses. can i do that? Is there any people who have experience of returning eyeglasses to amazon?
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Answers (2)

  • J Bell

    Yes, if you don't like it because of some products problems, you can return the eyeglasses to amazon. But you shall first consult their customer services and ask for a return. If they promise this return, they will provide you shipping address for return. I have bought a bag from amazon.com. But they bag have some defects. So, i return it. So, i believe that you can return it. Good luck.
  • Allison leslie

    TO know if you can return the eyeglasses to Amazon, you shall consult their customer service. In common, if you the eyeglasses have quality problem, you can return it. But if you just don't like it, it maybe difficult to return it. Anyway, you shall contact their service and apply for return. Just go ahead.

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