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Can you go swimming if you have a stye in your eye?

I get a stye in my right eye, so can I still go swimming?
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  • handxrxtied

    Come on, how can you go swimming with a stye in your eye? Aren' t you aware that you may get an eye infection in the water that lots of people stay in? First of all, you should know that a stye usually stays for about four or five days. However, if you do want to go swimming soon, I think you should try to get your eye recover soon. Don' t worry, I have a way here for your reference. You can use a hot towel to give your eyes a warm compress every day. Each time you need to keep this process for at least 20 min. By the way, no matter how itchy you feel, you can definitely not rub your eyes or drop your eye casually. I wish this could help you.
  • Sara

    Commonly a stye grows on the inside or outside of the lid. It is a normal and not serious eye disorder. Eye stye are cuased by poor nutrition, sleep deprivation, lack of hygiene, lack of water, and rubbing of the eyes. Sometimes you may feel irritation, pain and redness in eyes. You had better stay at home instead of going swimming. Because swim pool are full with dirty thing, such as bacteria, pee and slaver. All these things can lead to further infection in your eyes.
  • castro_jan

    Not necessarily. The danger of swimming with a stye depends on the water environment and your own protective measures. Firstly, wearing goggles can prevent your sty from contaminating water. In addition, the hard structure of swimming goggles protects your sensitive eyelid from flying elbows or kicking feet that might burst the stye, causing further infection. However, those with sensitivity to chlorine can experience itching and burning eyes by breathing the air inside an indoor pool. Swimming in a lake or pond with a stye is less safe than a chlorinated pool or the ocean because the water is stagnant and fresh. Like pools, swimming in close proximity to others without goggles in a lake or pond increases the chances of infecting others and sustaining injury to your eyelid. So you had better not swim when you have a stye.
  • Kimberly quick

    Ok, from what you said, I can see that you are eager to get some water on your body, however, I must advise you that it would be bad if you splash water into your eyes, which would deteriorate the situation. And an stye must be taken care of before it gets worse. I recommend that you take some time to get medical treatment. Hope you recover soon and enjoy swimming pools.

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