Can you get lasik surgery if you have dry eyes?

I plan to have my lasik surgery next week. But these days I have got dry eyes. Will that matter a lot of I have my lasik surgery with dry eyes?
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  • Erin rupert

    OK, I think you are quite desired to get your eyes fixed through taking the lasik surgery. But as you can see, there would be a lot of potential dangers, and of course, preconditions. One of them is that the patient should be dry eyes free. Therefore, you should get your problem solved before this surgery, otherwise, dangerous situation could happen. Of course it would be serious, people with pink eyes, glaucoma, diabetes, etc, are precluded from taking this surgery, you just need to consult a doctor first.
  • David cook

    Yes, it will influence the lasik surgery indeed. Before the laser treatment, the doctor will drop some anaesthetic eye drops to get rid of pain. But the dry eyes will make your eyes more sensitivity and you may feel itchy and watery and really want to scratch eyes. Further, when the laser eyes surgery begins, the doctor will ask you to fix on a particular object and decrease the errors during the surgery and discomforts post lasik surgery. As a result of itchy and watery eyes, there is no doubt that you can not get a perfect result. Besides, the dry eyes may just be resulted from your eye fatigue or some other foreign stuff that irritated your eyes. So, you can try to rest your eyes and go to consult with your surgeon to see if you are still expected to receive the surgery next week.
  • Faith cook

    As a matter of fact, lasik surgery is not proper for everyone. Before a lasik surgery, you are required to get a careful evaluation and consultation. Nowadays, lasik surgery is becoming more and more popular among people. To be frank, lasik surgery has many advantages. It can free us from glasses and contact lenses,and it is really convenient for us. However, lasik surgery is not fit for everyone. Here are some conditions that could not take lasik surgery. 1: If you have dry eyes, or symptoms of dry eye, such as pain, burning, scratchiness, soreness and eyelid sticking to the eyeball and so on, you had better not take lasik surgery at the moment. 2: If you are pregnant, you can't take lasik surgery. 3: People under 20 years old or over 40 years old, you are not fit for lasik surgery. 4: If you are sufferring from collagen disease, you can't take lasik surgery. 5: A pacemaker users also can't take lasik surgery.

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