Ariana oliver

Can you fix a ripped contact lense?

Is it possible to repair torn contact lens? Will that hurt my eyes?
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  • Trinity rose

    No. You would better not wear a ripped contact lens or repair a ripped lens. Firstly, the lens will hurt you eye while the torn edges are scrapping and it will make your eye red, watery and irritated. What is worse, your lids may swell, your vision can get cloudy, and the eyes become even more painful. Therefore, it is not OK to wear a ripped contact lens.
  • Robert ja

    Well, many people may have the same kind of doubt, but I have to say that it is not a feasible way to repair your torn contact lenses. Actually, it is not a feasible way to repair any torn contacts lenses. If you have a pair of glasses and if you find your glasses are broken or there is something wrong with your glasses, you can have your glasses repaired even by yourself once you have the tools. But contact lenses are much different from your glasses. When you are trying to wear a pair of contact lenses, you have to put your contact lenses inside your eyes, and your contact lenses then have to contact with your eyes directly. So if there is any pitfall of your contact lenses, it will bring the uncomfortable feelings to your eyes. Suppose it is possible to repair your torn contact lenses, your eyes will also suffer from the pain caused by the repaired contacts. And that will then hurt your eyes, literally and badly. And you should also throw away your contacts if they are not in validity any more.
  • elstrider

    Of course not. You have to understand that torn contact lens can be never repaired again. You know, contacts are made of silicone hydrogel, so it can be easily be torn. You have to be very carefu when you are weariing your contact lenses. Try to keep your contacts moisture or dry contact lenses can be damaged very easily. In a word, once your contacts are torn, you had better not use them any more and I assure you that there is no way for you to fix a torn contact lens.

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