Can wheatgrass be good for eyes?

It is said that wheatgrass can be good for your eyes? How come?
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  • ellochkablecy

    Yes, wheatgrass can be good for your eyes because of the inner moisture role. It is such a good thing for our eyes. In order to protect the eyes, we should get away from the computers or other electrical products. We should also keep the healthy diet and good rest. Eyes are the very important parts for our whole body.
  • Jada oliver

    It is true that wheat grass is of benefit to eyes. That' s because there exists large quantities of vitamin A in wheat grass. It is well-known that vitamin A is an essential nutrition for eyes, because vitamin A can protect your cornea from damage prevent night blindness and relieve eye inflammation. Every wheat grass has 33 % of the needed amount of vitamin A for a person. What' s more, wheat grass also contains a large amount of vitamin B, C, lutein and many other essential nutritions for eye health.

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