Can wearing glasses make nose look bigger?

It is said that wearing glasses can make our nose look bigger, is that true?
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  • cheryl

    This is kind of hard to answer. Actually, not all glasses will make your nose look bigger, it mainly depends on the shape of your glasses. If you wear small frame glasses, your nose may appear bigger than usual. On the contrary, if you wear big frame glasses, the result will be opposite. As you know, big frame glasses just cover nearly half of your face, which naturally set off your other parts on the face to look small. There is no need to worry about so much if you get a small nose already, lol.
  • Jordyn adams

    Well, commonly, wearing a pair of glasses or sunglasses can shift attention away from your nose by covering up part of the nose bridge so that you can make your nose look smaller. Also, your nose does not seem very prominent in a heart-shaped face or a sharp face. However, the incorrect selection of the glasses can lead to a reverse effect unexpectedly. I mean, shaded lenses and rounded frames never fail to exacerbate our nose's appearance and make it appear much larger than previous one. In a word, it is essential to understand how to match your face shape with your glasses.
  • Noah

    It partly depends on many factors, such as the shape of frame of your glasses, the shape of your face, the whole color match, and so on. If your face is of round shape, then you can choose to wear a pair of glasses with square frame. And if your face is of the oval shape, then you can choose a pair of glasses with big frame. As long as you choose the right eyeglasses with the appropriate shape and color, it will not make your nose look bigger. If you still think that eyeglasses will affect your appearance, then you can choose to wear eye contacts.

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