Jade scott

Can vaseline help bags under eyes?

I have big bags under my eyes, I heard that vaseline can help remove them, is that true?
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  • Eric Zago

    True, vaseline can help bags under eyes. And it will do no harm to your body. You can just reassure yourself to use it. Vaseline can make your skin moist and it dissolves in your skin very soon. It is very popular in dry season and even sensitive skin can adapt to it. You know what? I once tasted vaseline by accident and it tastes so sweet. It will be neither harmful nor good to your body if you taste it by accident. Oh, mentioned the use of vaseline, it can stop bleeding, do you know? Getting rid of eye bags is just one of its use. I wish this could help you.
  • Susie Washington

    Yeah, vaseline is really a good thing. It is not only cheap but also very useful. My sister and I like to use it as our eye cream and it is really very moderate and mild. It never irritates my skin. Every morning I will apply some of them to my skin around my eyes. I don' t know if it can reduce your eyebags that easily. But I can assure you that it will make your skin very smooth and moist. I was and I am and I will keep using vaseline. However, if you want to remove your eyebags, I have other ways for you. You can use a bag of cold tea bag to compress your eyes and let that last for about 10 or 15 min. Keep doing this for long, you will find that the situation is getting better and better. Or just prepare some slices of cucumber, and then apply them to the skin around your eyes, and make sure the time will not be too long.

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