Can too much light damage your eyes?

Does too much light hurt your eyes? Why?
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Answers (2)

  • Benjamin

    If you always have this situation, then I can assure you to have sensitive eyes. Your eye muscles can' t change as quickly as the environment, which is not good for yourself. It means that you may get eye strain quite easily. I suggest you to have a better eye exam when you have time. Besides, I also strongly suggest you to go out with your sunglasses in case that the strong light may damage your eyes.
  • James green

    Yes, too much light is bad for the eyes. When your eyes expose in too much light, it will cause rapid adaptation of the eye through the cones and rods. It is easily cause the eye muscles to incur some strain. In such condition, if you didn't get good eye rest, the continuous eye strain are likely to cause eye pain, dry eyes itchy eyes, or watering eyes etc.

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