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Can severe myopia cause blindness?

I always worry about my severe myopia because I once heard that it can cause blindness. Is that true?
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  • eiri_des

    Yeah, probably. It has a lot to do with your eye health, the way you use your eyes and so on. We all know that severe myopia causes much trouble to our life and sometimes it even causes a person to be blind. Sounds terrible, huh? So you had better take measures form now on. Do more eye exercise in your free time and have your eyes checked at least once a year so that you can know whether you need to change your glasses or not. Actually, your severe myopia is caused by your bad habits in using your eyes, such as reading in bed, using computer for too long, like playing with your cellphone in the dark and so on. If you would like to make some changes, I am sure your vision will get better or at least will stop getting worse. I hope this can help you.
  • canttouchthis90

    I don' t think so. I admit that severe myopia will cause a lot of trouble, but I don' think that they will cause you to be blind that easily. Don' t scare yourself. However, if your situation goes on worsening, you may have symptoms such as bleeding, tearing and so on. Since you have severe myopia, I think you should not ignore this problem. You have to protect your eyes more than others. I suggest you to have more food which contains rich vitamin E such as carrots. They are very good for your eyes. And reduce the time you sit in front of the computer or TV, try to spend more time going out for a walk or just look out of the window once in a while. Try to sleep early at night, a good sleep can do you a big favor. Don' t worry too much, you will be fine.
  • castlemedic

    Well, I think you have got something serious with your eye health. From what I know, severe myopia, could give rise to glaucoma, which could lead to blindness, if the situation is bad enough. However, we often take care of our eyes once we get to know something bad is happening. It is of course true that blindness has a close relationship with poor vision.
  • Ryan warren

    Recently, some studies showed that there are almost athree quater people around the world are myopia. Myopia has commonly known as being nearsighted and shortsighted. Myopia presents with blurry distance vision, but generally gives good near vision. Some severe myopia is affected as objects must be extremely close to the eyes to see clearly, and patients cannot read without their glasses prescribed for distance. Blindness is possible to be caused by myopia because myopia is a sign of glaucoma and cataracts when we step in 40s-50s.

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