Can scratched sunglasses damage your eyes?

My favourite sunglasses got scratched by my cat yesterday but not very badly, can I still wear them? Will my scratched sunglasses damage my eyes?
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  • Ethan walker

    There is no saying that it is bad to wear scratched sunglasses. But it depends on the extent of scratch. If it is no serious, you don' t have to purchase a new one. Wearing a scratched sunglasses is not harmful but annoying. However, if it is affects how you see things and your daily life, you must be buy another one. Wearing the serious scratched sunglasses for a long time can cause severe fatigue and vision problems.
  • Noah

    If the scratched part of the sunglasses is little, you could still wear it which will not damage your eyes. However the scratched part may affect the vision. You could go to the eyeglasses store to change the coating part which will be perfect. You could try this. However wearing the sunglasses with no flaw will be perfect for the wearer.
  • Melissa garcia

    No, you can’t wear them any more. Scratched lenses will damage your eyes in two respects. For one, it cause difficulty in seeing, because scratched lenses make your vision distorted. For the other, you will have to squint to see clearly and this ends in eye strain or even migraine.

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