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Can pregnancy cause red eyes?

I am pregnant, but recently I have found that my eyes look so red, is that normal?
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  • walkingthesky

    Yes, it can. When women get pregnant, their body will not work as normal as before. And their eyes will become very very dry. And as you know, dryness can lead to bloodshot eyes. If you want to protect your eyes, you had better spend less time in front of the computer as well as TV. By the way, this is also good for the baby. Try to eat more food with rich vitamins, they are very necessary during your pregnancy. If you feel pain or itchy in your eye, then I suggest you to see a doctor, don' t just go to the pharmacy to get some pills or something else. Eating wrong medicine may do harm to your baby, you should be very careful. Anyway, I wish you could have a lovely baby in the near future.
  • emo_pain_818

    Yes, this situation is common. You should know that pregnancy can make your eyes really very dry. I remembered that when I was having my little girl, I always woke up with dry eyes, and usually along with eye discharge. Then my doctor told me that this is normal but I have to be more careful with getting an irritation or an inflammation. Since you are during your pregnancy, I suggest you to go to the doctor for some professional suggestions. You should take some measures. Best wishes to you, I am sure that you will have a beautiful and healthy baby!!!
  • Angela green

    Ok, looks like there is something wrong with your eyes. Generally speaking, when during pregnancy, women tend to get a lot of problems with their eyes. Red eyes, which is not a serious problem, is quite possible to arise because the health conditions of pregnant women is not very stable. Thus, you gotta pay more attention to your diet, your rest, as well as some other pregnant tips.
  • Thomas keith

    It is possible for pregant women to get red eyes. During your pregnant, your immune system will work weaker than before, so some diseases and disorders will happen. Redness in eye is normal, take easy. But do not take any medicines or drop any eye drops under the instructuion of your doctor. You can eat some fresh fruits and vegetables to take vitamin supplements. Also, you can drink some milk and honey to increase miners in your body. If your red in eyes gey serious day by day, go to see a doctor as soon as possible.
  • Thomas keith

    First of all, congratulations to you and your coming baby. And it is not a rare thing to see pregnant women have red eyes. As to pregnant women, they should really pay special attention to any problems of their bodies, no matter the problems are too small or too big, because any problems they have may affect the growing of babies in them, and the problems can also show whether their babies are growing well. Let us get back to your point. Since your eyes are red, you may not feel good now. But one sure thing you should know clearly enough is that you cannot use eye drops to kill the pain at your will. Any pregnant cannot use any medicine without the words of a doctor. That is a rule for pregnant women. You get red eyes mostly because you are lack of some microelements, such as Zinc and vitamin A. These are quite seen in pregnant women. If you still worry a lot, go to ask a doctor for help for your own good and your coming baby’s good.

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