Ariana oliver

Can polarized sunglasses cause headaches?

Is it possible that polarized sunglasses can give me a headache? I have found that every time when I wear my polarized sunglasses, I will get a headache.
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  • taylor

    How come? i NEVER see that happens! I bet you may haven' t got used to your polarized sunglasses. I seldom hear people talking about their getting headaches because of wearing polarized sunglasses. That is really strange enough. As a kind of sunglasses, they are usually worn by people when going outdoors. I guess you may get a headache because you can' t stay in the sun. And there is another situation I think may be the reason as well, are your polarized sunglasses prescription sunglasses? If they are, I guess you need to have your vision checked again to see if the prescription is right. Glad to help, as usual!
  • Makayla raphael

    I think your headache could be caused for any reason. You can't just contribute everything to your polarized sunglasses. It doesn' t mean that they can hurt your eyes or your health because you get a headache when wearing them. It is rather unfair, man. Have you ever adjusted your sunglasses? You know, being too tight can lead to this. In the same way, being too loose can cause this as well. You had better give your sunglasses a careful check.

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