Can myopia be cured naturally?

I am myopia for years but now I really get tired of this. I want to find a way to make my myopia cured naturally. Please help me!
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  • Mackenzie

    I used to be myopic, too, and I know it is suffering. And after years of wearing contact lenses, I felt so sick of it. Then I took a myopic laser surgery and got rid of it. I chose to take the surgery because I got high myopia. However, if you are not so hyopic, I think you may not need a surgery. You can try to use some eye drops and get more rest for your eyes, and do some eye exercise. Then you will also get better and ease your myopia. One of my myopic friends is a good example of that.
  • Caleb may

    It depends on how old you are and if your have pseudomyopia or myopia. Since you say you have myopia for years, it is very likely that you have myopia but not pseudomyopia. Pseudomyopia can be cured or improved thourgh natural therapy like eye exercise or lifestyle change. However, people with myopia can seldom improve their eyesight without surgery. Therefore, I suggest you turn to lasik surgery which can correct your vision and help you get rid of eyeglasses.
  • Neil

    Ok, it seems that you are suffering from a loss of good vision. Anyway, millions of people have the same problem. But few of them try to protect their eyes from the root. First you have to go through an eye test to see if it is treatable, or it is inborn. Also, you must pay attention to your use of eyes and your diet, most of all, you gotta make good use of your eyes and take them as your most precious treasury.

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