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Can lemon juice reduce dark circles?

I heard that lemon juice can reduce dark circles,is that true?Why?
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  • williams

    Yeah,it is true,First of all, you have to know that lemon juice is rich in vitamin C.The function of vitamin C is to help you with your skin.It is said that vitamin C can help skin turn fair.And if you apply them to the skin around your eyes,it will work the same.Vitamin C is good for weakening melanin,and this function helps you reduce dark circles.However,you should use pure and fresh lemon juice,don't use the drinks that are sold on the street.By the way,if you mean to reduce your dark circles,I can recommend you another way.You can also use milk to reduce your dark circles.Prepare a clean and dry towel,and then soak it into the cold milk.After a while,you can apply them to your face for a few min.Hmm,I assure your face will look smooth and your dark circles will fade away.
  • Caroline bell

    Well, it seems that you are quite annoyed by those dark circles right? Anyway, those dark circles would definitely harm your eye health and your personal image, making you less attractive and confident. True, lemon juice is one of the best cures for dark circles , for there are lots of vitamins and special contents in it, which would desalinate your dark circles very much. And I suggest that you try to get more rest and take care of your eye health in order to get the best effects.
  • vincent

    Well, dark circles are round and black circles under eyes. Lemon is widely grown all over the world. As we all known, lemon is sour, warm, light, good for vision, pungent and astringent. And lemon can be used in medicines and cosmetics. Everyday drinking a big cup of lemon juice can help with whiten skin and remove swellings included dark circles. Also, you can wash face and eyes with lemon juice at night.

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