Can lecithin relieve eye bags?

People say that lecithin works very well to eye bags, is that true? Does anyone know the details?
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  • clearbluesky987

    Yes, lecithin can help metabolism and remove fat. If the bags under eyes are caused by fat deposits, lecithin intake can help the fat under eyes to disperse in water and eliminate puffiness. Apart from that, lecithin can improve blood circulation and serve as anti-aging agent. What's more, it can appease rough skin and wrinkles.
  • Jackson raphael

    Yes, it is true that lecithin works very well to eye bags. You may also find out this in some eye cream ads. They often say that if you use their eye cream, you can get rid of eye bags and black eyes, because there is a large amount of lecithin consisting in their eye cream. You may also hear people saying that they are using lecithin on their eyelids to keep their eyes young. In addition, some cosmetic beauty hospitals even say that they can help you with your eye bags by injecting lecithin into your eyelids. All these seem to prove that lecithin works well to eye bags, as well as black eyes. However, lecithin does help us with eye bags, but do not take it the wrong ways. Actually, there are many food we eat everyday contains lecithin, such as beans, eggs, milk, and so on. So we can take in more lecithin by eating food that contains lecithin. Besides, lecithin is also good to our liver, and heart, and many other parts of our bodies.

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