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Can keratitis be contagious?

Is keratitis contagious? Or what can I do to prevent that from happening?
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  • Faith cook

    Yes, it all depends on which type keretitis you have. These types include amoebic keratitis, bacterial keratitis or fungal keratitis. Those kinds of keratitis are all contagious. Therefore, treatment depends on the cause of the keratitis. The best way to prevent keratitis is to avoid eye injury by wearing sunglasses. Furthermore, never share personal items such as towels and dinnerware. You can also take Vitamin A supplements in usual.
  • James green

    It is horrible to have keratitis, because it can cause people so much sufferings to their eyes. And when one catches keratitis, he will have some complications to his eyes, such as itchy eyes, red eyes, and so on. Actually, although keratitis is so common, do not look down on this, because the eye pain it brings can kill you. And it is also true that keratitis is contagious. What is worse, it can spread really rapidly. If you get keratitis on one of your eyes, your other eye may get infected soon if you do not pay attention to it. For example, if you rub your infected eye and then rub your other good eye with the same hand, you can get the other eye infected soon. And when you wash your face, do not touch your infected eye, otherwise, the good eye also get infected soon. To prevent this happening, you should watch out your eye cleanness, and keep your eyes away from objects or your hands that may get your eyes infected.

    Well, it has been proved that it is contagious according to some experts. As you know, it causes the surface of the conea to break down. To be honest, if you get that ,your eyes usually will get very very painful. Then you should go to see a doctor at once. But, you don' t need to worry about that too much. This can be totally cured and you will be fine very soon. However, fo your own and your friends' sake, you had better go to see a doctor right away.

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