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Can I wear reading glasses over contacts?

Can i wear reading glasses with contacts? Will that be harmful to my eyes?
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  • Marc

    Well, you should not. It will not do any harm to your eyes but I don' t think you will feel well if you do that. As you may know, reading glasses aim at magnifying your vision while your contacts are for focusing. I just think you may have strange feeling when you do like that. I guess even yourself can' t stand that for too long. I once heard that people can wear glasses over contacts but I never know that they can wear reading glasses over those.
  • Alexia

    Technically, you can do that. But why you waste of your time? You really needn't wear reading glasses over contacts. If you need vision aids, you can choose ether eyeglasses or contacts. Now, many colored contact lenses can also provide vision aids. So, a pair of prescription contacts can solve your problem. Or if you want to have a look with eyeglasses, you can wear reading eyeglasses for image and vision aids. So, friends, you needn't do such stupid things. You are suggested to choose either reading glasses or contacts.

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