Can I turn make wrap around sunglasses be added to prescription lenses?

Can wrap around sunglasses be made with prescription lenses?
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  • enigma_g

    Yes, you can do that. But you can' t do it yourself. You should take your sunglasses to a local optical store. And I even did this to my Ray-Ban wayfarer sunglasses, lol. However, I think this still depends on what kind of lenses and what kind of frame you have. You know, it can only be done successfully when they match each other. So you had better take them to the store first. Good luck!
  • garcia

    Yes, you can remove your wraparound sunglasses lenses and put prescription sunglasses into the frame. But you'd better had an optician do this for be. Besides, not all people can expected prescription wraparound sunglasses. If your prescription over -/+6.00 prescription, you are not suggested to get prescription wraparound sunglasses. Since the design of the sunglasses are different between eyeglasses, heavy prescription wraparound sunglasses are likely to cause dizziness and headaches.

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