Charles Joseph

Can I have my lasik surgery with a cold?

I am going to have my lasik surgery next week, but now I am catching a cold, so I am wondering if I can still have my surgery or not. Will my cold affect the result of my lasik surgery? Thanks, guys!!!
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  • Michelle percy

    Well, I think you are worried about your eye health a lot. Anyway, lasik surgery would of course improve your health conditions. However, if your physical condition is not very good, the surgery would be more dangerous and the results would be affected and unsatisfactory. My advice for you is to postpone the surgery until you are recovered. It is not a serious issue, just try to fix it before you take the surgery.
  • Sara

    If you are catching a mild cold, which means you do not have any symptoms like running nose, swollen sore throat and cough, then your cold will not affect your lasik surgery. And you just need to make sure you do not catch a heavy cold before you have the lasik surgery. And if you do catch a heavy cold woth running nose, swollen sore throat, and cough, you will have to put off your lasik surgery and wait up until you are all better from your cold. Because when you are catching a heavy cold, you could have got poor vision due to the cold. And your self-immunity is poor when you are catching a heavy cold. So the chance is great that you may get your eyes infected more easily if you have a lasik surgery. Therefore, for the sake of your own safety and to prevent the infection of yuour eyes, you'd better have the lasik surgery after you are good from your heavy cold.

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