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Can I drink before an eye exam?

I am wondering if I can drink before an eye exam. Will drinking affect the result of my eye exam?
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  • Mariah

    Well, you are not supposed to drink before an eye exam. But if you really really want to drink, I think you can only drink a little bit. We all know that drinking alcohol can dilate your eyes, which will not give your an accurate result of your eye exam. Besides, drinking alcohol can speed up your blood circulation and then cause your bloodshot eyes. For your own sake, I think you had better not drink before you take an eye exam. I really wish this could help you.
  • chrisss_129

    Oh, it looks like you are very fond of drinking wines. Actually, it would be absolutely bad for you to drink before you go through an eye exam. For alcohol would make you feel different and the test results would be affected. Thus, you'd better put it off after the exam is completed. Just try not to drink too much , for that would damage both your eyes and your body. And pay attention to what you eat and how you live your life.
  • Elijah leslie

    Somebody said that drinking alcohol would affect eyesight. Is that true? Why? Yes, it is true. Drinking too much alcohol can cause a variety of vision problems. If you are drinking you may feel like you are seeing blurry. This happens because once your blood alcohol level is too high, your brain can not send the correct signals to your eyes. Drinking alcohol continuous can lead to liver damage which can have bad effects on your eyesight.
  • Tracy

    It is known to all that drinking too much will do harm to eyes; therefore, it does affect an eye exam. A drunk person is likely to get bloodshot eyes, which is a result of oxygen deficiency in eye tissues. When the person gets an eye exam, his/her actual eye condition cannot be tested. To protect your eyes and ensure the accuracy of your eye exam, you are advised to control yourself from drinking before your eye exam. Bear in mind, drinking the less, the better for your eyes.

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