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Can i clean my glasses with dish soap?

Yesterday I cleaned my glasses with dish detergent, is it okay for me to do that?
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  • classynottrashy

    Yes, of course you can. As a matter of fact, dish soak is the best solution you can use to clean your glasses. Dish soap can clean the dusk and fingerprints on your lenses thoroughly without damaging the lenses. But you should remember to wipe the lenses dry with a piece of microfiber cloth after you wash them with dish soap. If you don't wipe them and leave them dry themselves, there will be water stain on your lenses.
  • Chelsey

    Yes, you can clean your glasses with dish soap. Formerly, I tried washing my glasses with running water and then drying them up with towels. But the effort is not very effective. Actually, dish soap also has the same effect. Especially your glasses are very effective to fogged lenses. However, the dish soap is corrosive to your glasses. Therefore, you should remove the residual of dish soap.
  • crystaljade

    Yes, it is ok for you to clean your glasses with dish detergent. However you need to wash it clearly and leave no bubbles on the surface of the eyeglasses. After you wash it, you should use the clean cloth to dry it. You should use the water to clean it carefully. Actually only there is the oil paint on the eyeglasses could you use the dish detergent. In the usual condition, the eyeglasses could just be used with clean water to wash it.

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