Can I blink or move eyes during lasik surgery?

Just for curious, What would happen if I blink or move my eyes during lasik surgery? What else should I pay more attention to during my lasik surgery?
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  • Bob Witek

    Yes, you can move your eye balls. That's because the laser that cut your cornea is controlled by three dimensional eyeball tracking system. That is to say, the laser signal will stop autoptically when your eye balls roll out of the tracking range. As for blinking, you won't be able to blink during surgery, because your eyelids will be fixed with eye speculum.
  • b3phoenix

    Lasik surgery alters one cornea shape in order to improve the vision and eliminate some serious eye diseases. You are not advised to blink or move your eyes after the surgery starts officially due to the laser need to focus on the accurate parts that need the reshaping according to your pupil distance. It set strictly based on your focus. As we all know, the lasik surgery will penetrate the surface of our eyes and make our cornea numb by some anaesthetic eyedrops in advance. So if your always blink your eyes, the constant changes of the focus will affect the result and cause some complications. Well, during the laser surgery, what you need to do is to obey all the instructions of the surgeon. By the way, rest you eyes before the surgery.
  • Tyler george

    I am pretty sure from your words that you have never had a lasik surgery, otherwise you will not have this kind of curiosity, and you will know by your experience. There are no chances that you will blink or move your eyes during a lasik surgery, because the state of your opening eyes will be fixed to a certain degree by the special eye speculum during the lasik surgery. Of course, you may also do not know that the instruments and system they use for a lasik surgery can move away and stop the surgery once you blink your eyes or move your eyes. During a lasik surgery, you should relax yourself and be not be nervous. Do not keep thinking you are having a surgery, and try to think of something else. It will be a very quick surgery.

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