Can hormone imbalance cause vision problems?

I am told that hormone imbalance usually leads to some vision problems. Is that true? Why?
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  • cupidityx

    Yes, it is true. That's because hormone imbalance in thyroid gland can cause grave eyes disease. This disease leads to bulged eyes or eye protrusion, inability to close eyelids completely and so on. On the long run, it can cause double vision, sore in eyes, excessive lacrimation and so on.
  • Shureluck

    Yes, the common side effects of hormone imbalance can be mood swings, tired, depressed, menstrual and menopause disorders, a higher eye pressure, experiencing PMS, headaches, or even poor-quality sleeping. That is why we always associated hormonal balance with our physical, mental and emotional health. As we all know, our eyes are very sensitive and they can react to the tiny changes in our body quickly and strongly. They are vulnerable part in our body, which are susceptible to some diseases like red, bloodshot or dry eyes trying to warn us the bugs in our vascular, nervous or even immune system. In addtion, we are regulated strictly by the amount of hormones and even a little increase or decrese in quantity will make us in trouble.

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