Can high fever cause bloodshot eyes?

Every time my two-year-old daughters gets a fever.I can always see her bloodshot eyes.Does that mean that something is wrong with her eyes?
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  • smith

    Yeah,a high fever can absolutely cause bloodshot eyes.When you get a high fever,the blood pressure around your eyes also becomes high.Then naturally your eyes become bloodshot eyes.And along with this,you will also suffering from a running nose,coughing,sneezing and sore throat.If you are at home and feeling really uncomfortable,you can give yourself a hot compress,which may be a little helpful.But I think you have to go to the doctor as soon as possible,because a high fever can cause a lot of other symptoms and some of them are really very serious.Hope this helped.
  • Andrea

    If your eyes are bloodshot during your high fever,you are probably having a bacterial infection.As is known to all that,bloodshot eyes are caused by dilated blood vessels.And usually it also goes with swollen eyes.Because of different symptoms,the reasons are also various.It may be a virus which is invading around your eyes that gives rise to your bloodshot eyes.However,if there is gunk in your eyes,it is more likely be bacterial.But don't worry too much,once your fever goes away,your eyes will clear up.

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