Can glasses cause a bump on your nose?

I am told that glasses can cause a bump on my nose. Is that true? What can I do to prevent this happening?
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  • ellochkablecy

    Yes, you are right. But it will take years. It is a common phenomenon. However, there are several ways for you to improve this situation. You can choose lighter spectaculars. As you know, your nose has to undertake them. If you don' t want your nose to get hurt, I suggest you to wear a light pair. Besides, you should know that the only way to make your eyes look bigger while still can make you have a good vision is to wear contacts. You may also go to have an eye surgery, but I heard that this kind of surgery is already unsafe now. Anyway, why not consult more experts to ask for some professional suggestions?
  • walkerpaul

    Ok, looks like there is something different on your nose. Because we have been wearing glasses for over 10 years and I don't have such problem. It is probably resulted from some allergic reactions or something. Therefore, you should try to consult a doctor and change a pair of glasses that are ligher than your previous one. And get some good rest may prove effective with some temporary problem.
  • walkingalone00

    It is true that a bump may be caused, if the frame is not suitable for you or hasn't been adjusted properly to your nose. When the frame is too tight, the nose pads squeeze your nose and make it swollen like a bump. To prevent this happening, you need to pay close attention when buying glasses. When you are trying the new glasses on, find out the discomfort and talk to your optometrist. Let him or her adjust the earpiece or pupil distance again and again until you feel comfortable.
  • cheryl

    I can see it out that you are wearing glasses now, but you have not been wearing glasses for a very long time, otherwise, you will not ask this kind of question, because you will find it out by yourself. And yes, it is true that wearing glasses can cause a bump on your nose, but this kind of problem will not happen to you if you have not been wearing glasses for a long time. Actually, it is not a rumor. It is true. And your eyes may also look a little sunken in if you wear glasses for a long time. But all the problems may not happen to you if you choose your glasses properly according to your eyes and your nose. To prevent this happening to you, you can also press your nose for times when you take off your glasses. And you can try to do some eye exercises, because doing eye exercises is not only good for your eyes, it will also help prevent bumps on your nose.

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