Can eye strain from computers cause eye floaters?

If you get eye strain from computers, will your see eye floaters? Just for curious.
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  • Alexandria taylor

    As a programmer whose work device is a computer and a man who spends most of a day with a computer, I can tell you that I can get eye strain everyday from computers. And I do see eye floaters because of that. But I can see that it seems that never happens to you, because you would not ask the question if you have experienced it yourself. If you spend too much time with a computer without any breaks, you will not only see eye floaters because of the eye strain from computers, but you will also suffer from other kinds of pain to your eyes, such as dries, burning pain, and so on. If you cannot get rid of eye strain from computers, I suggest you that you should take a break after a period of staring, and you should try some ways to relieve your eye strain, or you will also see eye floaters like I do.
  • carminerobert

    Well, sounds like you are concerned about your eye health very much.It is true that eye floaters could come to being accompanied by eye strain and decreased vision, for it is one of the consequences from getting eye strain, or poor vision, and of course a certain result of deteriorated eye problem. Just try to make proper use of your eyes and visit a doctor for treatment.

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