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Can drinking too much alcohol cause blindness?

My husband is fond of drinking a lot. I worry about him so much coz I once heard that drinking too much alcohol can cause blindness. Is that true?
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  • Caspar

    Yes, drinking too much alcohol will add the risk of being blindness. I mean, if he really drinks too much and drinks that often. According to the expertise, drinking excessively will cause damage to human' s brain and in a way it will lead to blindness. That is why nowadays our society keeps advocating to control drinking. Do you know why every time when some people drink, their eyes usually get red? Because the blood vessels on the surface of their eyes become inflamed. This symptom can definitely destroy your eyesight and finally lead to blindness. If you do love your husband, I think you should try every way to persuade him not to drink or not to drink that much and that often. I know it is not easy for drunkards to quit drinking in a short time, however, their family will help them to quit. You should support him and supervise him. Maybe you can not remove this bad habit, but at least you can control the situation.
  • ecxsrkes

    Maybe, coz it actually depends on how much you drink and how often you drink. Also, it depends on what kind of alcohol do you drink. Nowadays the main factor which causes drinking blindness is methanol, which can damage your optic nerve. Sometimes it can cause temporary blindness. I am not scaring you. But drinking is actually a very bad thing, not only bad for the drinker himself but also the people around him. By the way, do not ever drink rubbing alcohol, it can make you go blind very easily. And you have to know that, alcohol can damage your liver, which functions a lot in your body. Seriously, you should try to persuade your husband to give up drinking. Tell him how horrible he will become if he drinks.
  • Jack

    Ok, looks like you really want ti prevent yourself from getting blind. Anyway, it is true that too much alcohol might be of great harm to your health and your eyes, leading to blurry eyes, alcohol poison, even blindness!! Thus, I strongly recommend that you try to drink less of it and take care of your health from every single facet! Also, taking exercise is very helpful for you.
  • crystal_jade13

    I guess you must worry a lot about your husband. And having a husband who is always drinking a lot of alcohol is not an easy thing. But it is true that if one drinks too much for a long time, it can lead him to be blind. Although it is not a common thing and it may not happen to lots of people with drinking problems, it is so true. For people who drink too much, they often get headaches and their eyes are often feeling hurt after drinking too much alcohol. If it has not been a long time, they may not know that the alcohol they have taken in is hurting their eyes and their bodies, because they will not have much serious trouble at first. But in the long run, there will be many signs in their bodies showing that the alcohol they have taken in is doing harm to their bodies. And if one drinks a lot like almost everyday, the alsohol will affect their nerves throughout their bodies, including their eyes. So they may lost their sights because of that. Talk to your husband and tell him that it is time for him to quit alcohol.

    As we all know, a little bit of moderate alcohol is harmless, and it can be helpful to our circulatory system. However, if you drank moonshine alcohol, as a matter of fact, it can lead to blindness. Because this kind of alcohol may contain high levels of lead. So it is easy to get poisoning. In general, alcohol abuse can lead to many problems, and it is likely to make eyes blind. Besides, alcohol abuse has close relationship with liver, mouth, throat, and stomach. It is actually one of the most significant factors that cause cancer second only to tobacco. Even moderate alcohol use is related with a high risk of breast cancer. Drinking a lot over a long time can lead to many problems, first of all, it is bad to our heart. It can lead to stroke, high blood pressure, and arrhythmias. Besides, alcohol abuse can weaken our immune system, and it may make your body easy to get disease. It is true that chronic drinkers are more liable to contract diseases like pneumonia and tuberculosis than those who drink restrictedly.

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