Can drinking alcohol cause yellow eyes?

My father is fond of drinking so much. And he has got yellow eyes these days. Are his yellow eyes caused by drinking alcohol? I am so confused and worried.
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  • Vivid

    Right, drinking alcohol can cause yellow eyes. You know, alcohol is very bad for your liver. And drinking too much will do great harm, which directly affects your eyes. That is why your whites of eyes will become yellow. It is a bad indication. And you should persuade your father not to drink too much alcohol. You have to know that, our liver is very important for our health. Once it has trouble, many of our other parts of body will have trouble, too. So it is good for us to quit some bad habits such as drinking, smoking and having junk food. Hope this helps.
  • coppercoconut19

    Well, it seems that there is something wrong with your father's eyes. As a matter of fact, yellow eyes is one of the most serious and chronical problems with our health, which could be resulted from a variety of reasons, including drinking wines. Therefore, it would be wise for him to give it up and take some medical checkup in the hospital to figure out what to do next !!! I know you are pretty confused but what makes sense right now is to fix the problem. And take care of his diet and rest , that count, too!
  • ejg29

    In fact, moderate alcohol will not do harm to our body. However, alcohol abuse may bring us serious consequences. In most cases, alcohol abuse is likely to result in yellow eyes. As we all know, alcohol abuse can make liver overburdened. Then it makes liver working overtime to process the alcohol. Yellow eyes can be the first signs of liver failure. Besides, drinking too much alcohol can also lead to many other diseases. Here are the list of harm drinking too much will bring. 1: Heavy drinking can directly lead to liver disease or cirrhosis of the liver 2: Brain damage can be the consequence of alcohol abuse. 3: It can lead to high blood pressure and irregular heart beat 4: In serious condition, drinking too much for a long time is at the risk of getting cancer. 5: According to the survey, alcohol is associated with certain mental health problems including depression, anxiety, personality disorders and schizophrenia.
  • Richard M Fawcett

    Drinking alcohol won't cause yellow eyes directly, but it probably is the root of your father's yellow eyes. Yellow eyes are mostly caused by jaundice, which is due to bilirubin built up in blood. Bilirubin is the yellow pigmentation coming from the breakdown of old blood cells. Normally human body would continuously produce new blood cells to replace old ones. In the healthy body, the bilirubin would get processed by liver and then delivered into small intestine with bile and finally get out from body in excrement. Normally speaking, if people get jaundice, it might be a signal of liver or gall bladder problem. Drinking alcohol too much is very bad for human health, especially the liver and gall bladder part. Once there is some problem with his liver or gall bladder, it is very likely to cause his yellow eyes. I suggest your father to visit a doctor to get professional treatment.

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