Can birds give you pink eye?

People say that birds can give human pink eye, is that true? How does that happen?
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  • Paige

    Yes, birds can give you pink eye in a degree. In general, the most common causes of pink eye are infections, allergies or irritation from something in the environment. Furthermore, pink eye can be from contact with animal poop or surf. Nowadays, China has announced outbreaks of bird flu. So, like the bird flu, the people can get pink eye when they play with birds. Because, there are many irritants are in the birds. You need to pay attention to sanitation.
  • Yaron Cheng

    Well, I think this is very possible to happen. Yo have to now that there are thousands of bacterias on animals such as birds. And once you get too close to them, you may get a big chance to get inected with pink eye. And that is why sometimes people can even get flu from the birds. anyway, you really need to be very careful and I assure you that youwill get fine very soon.
  • elbcoastboy

    Yes, this is true. Birds carry many viruses and bacteria which may be taken to people's eyes and cause infection through their hands. After a man plays with birds without washing his hands, the viruses or bacteria go into his eyes by him rubbing his eyes. Worse still, bird poop also contains many viruses and bacteria which are harmful to eyes.

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