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Can bio oil help dark circles under eyes?

I am a night owl, and I always wear very obvious dark circles. I am told that bio oil can help me remove my dark circles. Is that true?
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  • cheryl

    It seems working but I am not sure. However, if you really want to remove your dark circles under eyes, I guess there are still some other ways working. And among them, the simplest way is to cover your dark circles with cucumber slices. This way is easy as well as natural. And here is another way that I can introduce to you. Prepare some milk and clean soft cloth, and then soak the cloth into the milk and next apply the cloth to the skin around your eyes, it usually works better when you cool the milk. HAVE A TRY! The two ways I offer to you are both very healthy and very useful. Lol, the most important is that they don' t cost you much. However, in terms of bio oil, I am not so sure that whether it can work well. I wish these could help you.
  • Hebbe

    Actually, I don' t see it work. Not only bio oil, even many big brands of eye cream don' t work. I once had very serious dark circles, too. And then I went to a local beauty shop to do eye massage regularly. I have to admit that this way works and my dark circles are no longer that obvious. If you have enough time, you can have a try. Trust me, I also tried a lot of brand of eye cream, and not even a little tiny effect militated. Of course, you can also massage your eyes yourself, it is not hard to learn. You can find the relative videos online. Remember to buy a bottle of good natural essential oil, you will be glad to see the results. I wish my experience could help you.

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