Minaxi Patel

Can a sinus infection cause red eyes?

I got a sinus infection and i find my eyes are a little bit red right now. I wonder if a sinus infection can cause red eyes?
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  • Jackson raphael

    Right, a sinus infection can cause red eyes. That is because a person's nose, throat and eyes are connected. And when people get a sinus infection, the blood will accumulate in the vessel and get irritated. There is another reason showing the red eyes caused by a sinus infection, that is Conjunctivitis. What we could do at home is to apply cool compresses on affected area and try artificial tears. By the way, if that still does' t work, you should consult your doctor for further evaluation and management. I hope this helps and wish you recover soon.
  • Calvin

    Yes, it is possible to cause red eyes. In fact, sinuses are vital parts of the nasal system. And sinus infection are caused by the swell sinuses that make the mucus can't pass properly drain. And this sinus infection occurs close to the eyes, It is likely to cause red eyes, and also cause the bulge of the eyes.

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